Our Perspective

Our Perspective

At the DCRI, we use knowledge gained from our clinical research to transform patient care. By sharing our perspective, our thought leaders advance the conversation around cutting-edge research in a variety of therapeutic areas and health care trends. We invite you to learn more about our perspective by exploring the areas in which the DCRI is leading the way.

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DCRI at TCT 2018

Sunil Rao, MD, shares TCT's approach to interventional cardiology, discusses the most compelling trial to come out of the conferences, and recalls how #radialfirst began.

Reducing the Risk of Kidney Stones

The NIDDK has awarded an additional $1.3 million over three years to Chuck Scales, MD, and Hussein Al-Khalidi, PhD, to support the Prevention of Urinary Stones with Hydration (PUSH) trial.

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Seeking A Genetic Link

Researchers have found three gene mutations associated with sporadic pulmonary fibrosis, which they hope will provide clues about the cause of the disease.

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A Supplement to Clinical Event Classification

Research by DCRI Fellow Angela Lowenstern, MD, concludes that Medicare data can be used as a sufficient indicator for clinical event occurrences, which has the potential to reduce costs.

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Predicting Progression

Sheng Luo, PhD, developed an algorithm to better predict Alzheimer's disease progression.

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