The 2014-2015 DCRI Annual Report is here

November 4, 2015 – This year’s report illustrates how the DCRI is answering today’s questions for tomorrow’s world.

petersonIt’s an exciting time for the Duke Clinical Research Institute. This year’s annual report highlights a selection of the impressive work being performed to advance clinical research and improve patient care.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our faculty, fellows, and operational staff. I especially appreciate how our DCRI team is partnering with colleagues across Duke University and with collaborators around the globe to advance science and knowledge.

I hope you enjoy reading about the progress of the DCRI. It is wonderful to reflect on all that has been—and is being—accomplished. I am inspired by the potential the future holds, and look forward to the year to come.

Eric D. Peterson, MD, MPH, FAHA, FACC
Executive Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Professor of Medicine, Cardiology
Fred Cobb, MD, Distinguished Professor of Medicine