2017 Research Forum Archive

2017 Research Forum Archive

Callum MacRae, MD, PhD - December 12
AHA One Brave Idea

Ann Marie Navar, MD, PhD, Robert J. Mentz, MD, FACC - December 5
Barriers to Accessing Evidence-Based Medicine

Sandra Tourt-Uhlig, RN, MSN, John Alexander, MD, MHS, Rajendra Mehta, MD, MS - November 28
LEVO-CTS: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Lessons Learned on a 2011-2017 Clinical Trial Journey

J. Michael Dean, MD, MBA - November 7
Clinical Research: Dead or Alive?

David Carlson, PhD - October 31
Interpretable Machine Learning to Deconstruct the Neural Basis of Psychiatric Disorders

Matthew T. Roe, MD, MHS, Laine Thomas, PhD - October 24
Strengths and Pitfalls of Randomized vs. Observational Analyses of Treatment Effects

Emily O’Brien, PhD, Lauren Cohen, MA, Tracy Wang, MD, MHS, MSc, Lisa Wruck, PhD - October 16
Representativeness of EHR Data Sources: Three Case Studies and a Panel

Charles Carter, PharmD, MBA - October 10
Frontiers of Clinical Research

Scott Zeger, PhD - October 3
Population and Individualized Health (Precision Medicine): Two Sides of the Same Coin

Brad Hammill, PhD; Sudha Raman, PhD - September 26
Leveraging the EHR in a Global Mega-Trial

Bernard Gersh, MB, Ch.B, D.Phil - September 19
Risk Satisfaction for Stroke in AF: A Critique

Eric Peterson, MD, MPH, and Michael Pencina, PhD - September 12
Introduction to the Fall Series and Health Data Sciences

John Stanifer, MD, and Neha Pagidipati, MD - June 13
Cardiometabolic Disease Prevention at Duke and Beyond/Investigating CKD Disparities in North Carolina: From Global Health to Local Health

Mitchell Krucoff, MD - June 6
DCRI in the Changing Landscape of Regulatory Science for Medical Device Evaluation: From 30,000 Feet to First Patient Enrolled

Laura Schanberg, MD - May 23
CARRA: A Model for Studying Rare Pediatric Diseases

Abhinav Sharma, MD - May 16
Finding the Sweet Spot in Treating Patients with Diabetes and Heart Failure

Scott Kollins, PhD - May 9
Standard and Exploratory Endpoints for Psychiatry in Digital Health Trials

Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD, ScM - May 2
Defining and Unraveling the Life Course of Cardiovascular Health (Not Disease)

Vanessa R. Green, MBA; Janis L. Curtis, MSPH, MA - April 25
DRNs@Duke: Collaborating Today for Better Healthcare Outcomes Tomorrow

Michelle J. Lyn, MBA, MHA; Mina Silberberg, PhD; Anh N. Tran, PhD, MPH - April 18
The Duke Division of Community Health

Peter A. Margolis, MD, PhD - April 11
Networked Healthcare – Cultivating Commitment to Produce Knowledge, Expertise, and Impact

Steven Z. George, PT, PhD; Chad E. Cook, PT, PhD, MBA; Adam Goode, PT, DPT, PhD - April 4
Musculoskeletal Research:  A Timely Addition to the DCRI’s Therapeutic Expertise

Ivan Oransky, MD - March 28
Retractions, Post-Publication Peer Review and Fraud: Scientific Publishing’s Wild West

Ann Marie Navar, MD, PhD - March 21
Using Cardiovascular Disease Risk to Guide Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Treatment

Roxana Mehran, MD - March 7
DAPT and TRIPLE Therapy:  Update on the Latest Evidence for Patients with CAD Undergoing PCI

Ying Xian, MD, PhD; Emily O’Brien, PhD; Kirk Jernigan; Deidre Hannah, MSN, RN; Lesley Maisch, BA - February 28
From Engagement to Long-Term Commitment: Partnering with Patients beyond the Honeymoon Period

Robert Califf, MD - February 21
Lessons from FDA Pertinent to DCRI

Brenda Hemmelgarn, MD, PhD - February 14
Enhancing Patient Care in the Community Using Health Information Technology: Examples from Chronic Kidney Disease

Raphael Valdivia, PhD - February 7
The Basic Science Culture at Duke: Strengthening Ties to the Clinical and Translational World

Shelby Reed, PhD; Reed Johnson, PhD; Juan Marcos Gonzalez, PhD - January 31
From Stories to Evidence: Quantifying Patient Preferences in Evidence-Based Medicine

Danny Benjamin, MD, PhD; P. Brian Smith, MD; Christoph Hornik, MD, PhD; Lori Poole, PMP; Renee Pridgen; Pamela Buchholz - January 24
Clinical Operations – Innovations and Networks

SPECIAL SESSION: Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD - January 13
Real-World Evidence in Oncology: From Vision to Reality