2018 Research Forum Archive

2018 Research Forum Archive

DCRI Research Forum is a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and educators to share ideas, innovations, and best practices with those who are instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes. To view upcoming DCRI Research Forums, as well as other DCRI events, click here.

January 23: Robert J. Mentz, MD, FACC, Karen Hannan
The Exscel Trial: Results, Reflections, and Operational Lessons


January 30: Gregory Daniel, PhD, MPH, Gillian Sanders Schmidler, PhD
Using Real World Data for Regulatory and Payment Decisions


February 6: Paul E. Wischmeyer, MD, EDIC
The Microbiome in Health and Disease: We Can Change the World!


February 13: Allan Kirk, MD, PHD, FACS
Organ Transplantation and Federal Immigration Reform


February 20: Eric Westman, MD, MHS, William Yancy, MD, MHS
Science and Practice of Low Carbohydrate, High Fat "Keto" Diets


February 27: Christopher Granger, MD FAHA, Sean Pokorney, MD
Rethinking How to Implement and Measure Clinical Practice Interventions: Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation


March 6: Panel Q&A moderated by Christopher Granger, MD with Eric Peterson, MD, Jennifer Green, MD, Neha Pagidipati, MD, Matthew Roe, MD
Cardiovascular Outcomes for Diabetes Drugs: Lessons Learned and Path Forward


March 20: Hayden Bosworth, PhD, Leah Zullig, PhD, MPH
The Implementation Science: Bridging the Gap from Clinical and Health Services Research to Population Health


March 27: Dr. Peterson will moderate and the following will present on their trials.
ARTEMIS - Eric Peterson, MD, Tracy Wang, MD
Indie - Adrian Hernandez, MD
GWTG-HF Registry - Adam DeVore, MD, MHS, Adrian Hernandez, MD
Treat - Christopher Granger, MD FAHA, FACC
SECURE-PCI - Renato Lopes, MD, MHS, PhD
ACC Latebreakers *Special Edition*


April 3: Adam DeVore, MD, MHS, Alex Fanaroff, MD, Jennifer Rymer, MD, MBA
ACC Latebreakers: Round Two


April 10: John Rumsfeld, MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA, FESC
The Challenge of Digital Transformation for CV Care


April 17: Matthew Roe, MD, Kirby Quintero, RN, BSN, Lynn Perkins, Pierluigi Tricoci, MD
ACC Latebreakers — Lessons Learned from the ODYSSEY Outcomes Trial


April 24: Sheng Luo, PhD
Dynamic Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease Progression: The Big Data Approach


May 1: Geeta K. Swamy, MD
Research Without Walls


May 15: Jeffrey Ferranti, MD, MHS
Healthcare Cyberwar: Keeping Our Patients and Our Research Safe From Hacktivisits, Nation-States, and Cyber Terrorists


May 22: Bryce Reeve, PhD
Assessing How a Child Feels & Functions Using Patient-Reported and Activity Data


June 5: Haider Warrach, MD
Heart Disease and End of Life Care: Challenges and Opportunities


June 5: Samantha Dallefeld, MD
Improving Pharmacotherapy in Pediatric Critical Care: A Study of Dexmedetomidine Dosing on ECMO


September 18: Deepak Kamath, MD
Use of mHealth Technology Facilitated Remote Monitoring to Bridge the Care Gap in Rural Settings and Improve Outcomes in HF


September 21: Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD
Rethinking Evidence Generation for the 21st Century


October 2: Brad Hirsch, MD
Empowering Sites to Succeed in the Evolving Research Ecosystem


October 9: George A. Mesah, MD -
Seven Decades of Discovery of NHLBI: Perspectives on Translational Research and Implementation Science


October 16: Mark D. Ryser, PhD
From Cells to Patients to Populations: The Multi-scale Problem of Cancer Overtreatment


November 6: Jeffrey Jarvik, MD, MPH
Lumbar Imaging with Reporting of Epidemiology


November 27: Charlene Wong, MD, MSPH, Charles Scales, MD
Behavior Economics and Interventions