2019 Research Forum Archive

2019 Research Forum Archive

DCRI Research Forum is a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and educators to share ideas, innovations, and best practices with those who are instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes. To view upcoming DCRI Research Forums, as well as other DCRI events, click here.

January 8: Stephen J. Greene, MD, Angela Lowenstern, MD, Michael Nanna, MD

2018 AHA Highlights


February 12: Julius M. Wilder, MD, PhD

Disparities in Access to Liver Transplantation


February 19: Jonathan C. Fox, MD, PhD

Fireside Chat: Drug Development and Contemporary Clinical Research


March 12: Matthew T. Roe, MD, MHS

Changing the Clinical Trial Paradigm: Learning Health Systems and Pragmatic Trials


March 25: Stuart Pocock, PhD

A Constructive Critical Appraisal of Some Recent Cardiology Trials: Making Sense of ATTR-ACT, CABANA, COAPT, DECLARE, PARTNER 3, REDUCE-IT, and More


April 16: Judith S. Hochman, MD

ISCHEMIA Trial in the Media Spotlight: Behind the Scene Insights


April 17: David J. Cohen, MD, MSc

Technology in the Cath Lab: Expensive Toys or Cost-Effective Therapies?


August 27: John E. Brush, MD, FACC

Improving Quality by Improving the Quality of Decision Making


September 10: Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS

Duke Clinical Research: Local to National and Beyond!


October 1: DCRI Transformation Team

Part 1: Transformation Team Initiatives


October 15: DCRI Transformation Team

Part 2: Transformation Team Initiatives


October 29: Euan Ashley, BSc, MB ChB, DPhil, FACC, FAHA, FESC

Your Heart Counts


November 5: John Reites

Virtual Visits: The Hybrid Decentralized Approach that is Moving Research Studies from Clinics to Homes


November 12: Frank Rockhold, PhD

Open Science, Data Sharing, and Reproducibility: What’s All the Fuss About and Why Engage in the Journey?


December 3: Karen Alexander, MD, and Sean O'Brien, PhD

The ISCHEMIA Trial: SDCC Review and Reverie


December 17: Susanna Naggie, MD, MHS

HCV Infection in 2019: Are we on the path to elimination?