American Society of Echocardiography presents award to the DCRI’s Anna Lisa Crowley

February 14, 2013 – The award was given to Crowley for her research into echocardiographic quality improvement.

The American Society of Echocardiography Education and Research Foundation (ASEF) has given the DCRI’s Anna Lisa Crowley, MD, its 2012 Reproducibility Methodology Study Award. The award was given to Crowley for her proposal, “Methodology for Improving Reliability and Reproducibility of Echocardiography in Clinical Research (MIRROR) study.”

The proposed study’s goal is to develop a robust process and analytic framework for echocardiographic quality improvement and reproducibility assessment in clinical research. The proposal was based on the Imaging Program’s work on the Placement of Aortic Transcatheter Valves (PARTNER) trial, a randomized study for a minimally invasive treatment for heart valve disease. The ASEF award, in the amount of $70,000, will fund the MIRROR study for one year.

The ASE’s reviewers praised Crowley’s proposal, with one calling it “innovative and rigorous in the attainment of quality improvement,” adding that it “ultimately could lead to improved reproducibility of echo measures.” ASE stated that the purpose of the ASE Foundation study is to address the perception (both perceived and actual) of variability related to the use of echocardiography in clinical research, and assist in establishing standards to demonstrate the accuracy of cardiovascular ultrasound for quantifying research data.

This faculty award was designed to address reproducibility in both image acquisition and image analysis/measurement, and the Research Awards Committee believes the protocol best addresses this issue and will result in a citable standard for reproducibility assessment.

Crowley is an assistant professor in the cardiology division at Duke University’s School of Medicine. She is an active clinical researcher with more than 20 peer-reviewed publications, reviews, and book chapters in cardiovascular imaging. In 2012 she received the cardiology division’s faculty award for education. Crowley received her MD from the Ohio State University.

ASEF President Patricia Pellikka said, “ASE believes that cardiovascular ultrasound imaging is a critical assessment tool in clinical research, but a perception of variability has become a barrier to its wider use in clinical trials. Establishing a standard for quantitative echocardiographic measurements will promote high levels of reproducibility and accuracy for echocardiographic data, both in image acquisition and analysis, and provide an impetus for the greater use of echocardiography in clinical trials.”