Datavant selects DCRI as founding academic partner to accelerate innovation in data-driven clinical research

January 5, 2018 – Datavant and the DCRI will work closely together in engaging biopharmaceutical partners and implementing innovative approaches to clinical trial design and interpretation, leveraging the power of their combined datasets. 

Datavant, a healthcare technology company that aggregates and structures healthcare data to generate actionable insights for clinical trials, has selected the DCRI as an analytical partner to accelerate data-driven approaches in drug development, the company announced today.

As Datavant’s Founding Academic Partner, the DCRI will bring deep insights and unique perspectives on data-driven clinical research and access to clinical trial and health system data to augment Datavant’s analytical tools and data assets. The DCRI will gain early access to Datavant’s data and technology. Together, the organizations will create further opportunities to facilitate rapid scaling of best practices in clinical research to improve patient outcomes.

Michael Pencina

“New clinical insights come from matching the right question with data that can actually inform its answer,” said Michael J. Pencina, PhD, the DCRI’s director of biostatistics and a professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at Duke School of Medicine. “The promise of this partnership comes from the blend of the DCRI’s analytic innovations with Datavant’s unique datasets, creating unmatched capacity for discovery.”

“Too many drugs fail clinical trials due to deficiencies in trial design and interpretation, depriving patients of new treatment options they desperately need.  We believe that the combination of DCRI’s analytical expertise and rich datasets combined with Datavant’s products and data hold the potential to be transformative for the industry,” said Travis May, co-founder and CEO of Datavant.

Initial collaboration will be focused on focused on phase II design in cardiopulmonary space.