Clinical Research Study Program

Clinical Research Study Program

The DCRI has a longstanding commitment to develop the next generation of clinical researchers. The goal of this program is to provide medical students with structured training in clinical research and the tools necessary to begin a successful career in academic medicine via:

  • Practical hands-on experience conducting clinical research
  • Structured didactic training
  • Mentorship by DCRI faculty and fellows

Mentorship at the DCRI

Each student participant is paired with a primary faculty research mentor who is responsible for helping to develop the student's research portfolio, assisting with grant applications and securing funding, and tracking of career progress.

DCRI faculty consider mentorship to be a privilege. The Program directors meet regularly with the students and their research mentors to track progress and ensure each student is on track to accomplish his or her career objectives. The mentor is expected to guide the student in developing a broad range of experiences and collaborations, in addition to working on research projects.


Participation in the Clinical Research Study Program will—

Expose students to and cultivate their interest in the clinical research process

  • Clinical trials, databases and registries, surveys
  • Any therapeutic or disease area at DCRI

Provide structured research education

  • Didactics and conferences
  • Integration with the DCRI fellowship program
  • Mentorship from faculty and fellows

Promote leadership in research investigations

  • A minimum of one primary analysis suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Team member or primary investigator on other projects


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Vivian Chu, MD

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
Duke University School of Medicine

Clinical Research Study Program Progress Reports