Duke’s STAR Past Participants: Where are they now?

Duke’s STAR Past Participants: Where are they now?

2015 Participants

From David Clark:  "I am currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University. I am currently majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and recently made the decision to also double major in Biology with a specialization in Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics."

From Briana Davis: "I am currently a junior Biology major at North Carolina Central University. Last summer, I participated in the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) where I completed 10 weeks of research in a lab at Duke University. My project consisted of examining the role of SHANK gene mutations in autistic spectrum disorders. My current career goals are to go to graduate school and obtain a PhD in a biomedical research field.

From Courtney Fennell: "I have recently graduated from North Carolina Central University with a BS in Biology, pre-medical concentration. Currently while working I am trying to get myself ready for a Physician Assistant program."

From Evan Kim: "I graduated from high school back in May 2016 and am currently attending Dartmouth College as a freshman. As of now, I am still unsure about what specifically to major in (but I will definitely keep pre-med in mind!).

From Andrew Romaine: "I worked as a research assistant at DCRI for a year after finishing the summer program. About three months ago, I moved up to Philadelphia to begin a 1-year service program with AmeriCorps. I am serving as a health insurance specialist with National Health Corps Philadelphia. I serve in a public health clinic where I help uninsured patients apply and enroll in Medicaid, Medicare, and Affordable Care Act plans. My goal is to re-apply for medical schools in summer 2017."

From Spencer Smith: "I am currently employed at the UNC Center for Pain Research and Innovation as a Clinical Research Assistant. I am responsible for recruiting and collecting data from participants with the OPPERA II study. Our study is interested in the biological, psychological, and genetic factors of TMD pain and other associated pain disorders. The NCC Summer Research Experience Internship at the DCRI offered great preparation for my current position in clinical research. The professional skills I developed at the DCRI have been incredibly beneficial. I am currently applying to medical school."

From Utibe (Uty) Utin: "I am currently teaching high school honors biology and honors earth and environmental science. I will be pursuing a master’s degree in biomedical and biological sciences at NCCU next fall. I will also be applying to medical school again within the next 2 years during or after the master's program."

From Kaylyn Wright: "Thank you for checking up on us. I truly miss being in the program at Duke. I'm currently enrolled at Durham Tech studying Nursing and I plan to transfer to Winston-Salem State University in the fall of 2018."

2014 Participants

From Taylor Blake: “I will be attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Not quite sure what major I’ll be declaring, but I’m planning to be pre-med with a political science minor. The goal is to become a pediatrician. Thank you for the opportunity this program provided.”

From Jiyu Cheong: “I am finally headed to college and will be attending Vanderbilt University. I’m hoping to double-major in biology and economics on the pre-med track, but we'll have to see what I end up doing once I get there.”

From Adrienne Davis: “This year, I am going to be a junior at UNC-CH. My major is still chemistry (BA), and I plan on applying to pharmacy school next summer, with UNC being the first choice.”

From Francia Fang: “I’ve decided to attend Duke University in the fall. In the meantime, I've spent my summer working in a psychology lab at UNC-Chapel Hill, studying the cocaine addiction model in rats. The program is hosted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) in labs all throughout the country and sponsored by the NIH.”

From Abdurrauf Muhammad: “I will be attending Columbia University in the fall to study mechanical engineering.”

From Brooke Sauer (teacher): “I am currently completing a Kenan Fellowship in the Strahl Lab in the UNC School of Medicine. Kenan Fellows is a 5-week program for current NC public school teachers that has both an internship and professional development component. The goal is that by the end of the 2015-2016 school year, we have used our summer internship experiences to develop a product, whether that be curriculum, a community engagement project, or teacher advocacy program.”

From Will Tuminski: “I graduated from UNC in May 2015 and recently got a job with Epic Systems in Madison, WI. I'm working as a project manager with their emergency department application.”

From Angela Zhang: “I'm currently working as a clinical research assistant for my gap year, in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Neurology-Institute for Cell Engineering. The study is investigating biomarkers for Parkinson's disease. I administer cognitive tests, gather medical histories, and process biospecimens. Other than that, I'm going to start volunteering at a free health clinic, and I write for a public health podcast. I'm also hard at work on secondaries for medical school and will hopefully be matriculating next fall.”

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2013 Participants

From Jordan Cho: "I will be starting college at Stanford University this fall. From the DCRI internship, I will take with me all the incredible research skills I learned and the meaningful collaboration with smart, fun people making a tangible difference in the world."

From Nathan Cho: “I’m at Stanford, where I declared a biology major earlier this year. Currently, I'm working in a biology lab at the university. As of now, I'm hoping to go to graduate school down the road, but I still have a couple of years to figure that out. I definitely appreciate the NCC program— and specifically the writing and lit review instruction—because, even though I'm not involved in clinical research right now, those skills are definitely useful in any kind of research, including what I'm doing this summer.”

From Crystal Leonard: “I am an instructor at a community college in Jacksonville, N.C., where I teach medical office administration, billing and coding, and an intro to computers course. My next step will be to apply to medical school to be an orthopedic surgeon. Ultimately, I hope to work as a Navy Reserve doctor, both because I want to work on people with traumatic injuries and because I would love to serve my country in some way. I loved the NCC Summer Research Experience Program; it has helped with my job, in giving my students an idea on what research is all about, and I hope it will help me get into medical school. I hope to see more North Carolina Central University students apply to the program, as that is my alma mater.”

From Eddie Liu: “I just graduated from Duke with a BS in Neuroscience and Psychology and will be starting medical school at UNC-Chapel Hill. Outside of school, I created a smartphone app called MoodTools, which is aimed at helping people suffering from clinical depression (www.moodtools.org) and has been downloaded over 80,000 times!”

From Amar Patel: “I'm starting my second year at UNC–Chapel Hill and am planning on declaring a physics/economics double major.”

From Ele’na Wilson: “I am now a rising senior (one more year!). Currently, I am touring colleges to shrink my list down when I start applying. I am not quite sure what I want to major in, but the majors I am thinking of are psychology, biology, and something involving the environment. I really am interested in research, so in whatever major I choose, I do want to incorporate research.“