Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) has a longstanding commitment to train fellows and junior faculty in order to develop the next generation of clinical researchers. This commitment has evolved into the creation of the DCRI Research Fellowship Training Program.

The DCRI Research Fellowship Training Program has doubled in size since 2004 and includes more than 30 postdoctoral fellows and medical students each year. Postdoctoral fellows typically complete two years of training. The philosophy of the training program is that the most successful investigators will be able to combine superior knowledge in their field of clinical specialty with quantitative principles in an interactive, teamwork-oriented environment.

Fellowship Participants

The DCRI’s 2019-2020 training program includes 20+ fellows in multiple therapeutic disciplines, including cardiology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, surgery, nephrology, health services research, anesthesiology, orthopedics, and pulmonology.


Multidisciplinary Interactions

A critical component of the training program is the interaction between the clinician researchers and statisticians. Faculty biostatisticians work closely with fellows in many different capacities.

2019 Executive Director's Pathway for Fellows Grant recipients

Fellow-initiated research is a highly valued part of the DCRI training experience. While fellows have multiple resources available to them, finding support for fellow-initiated projects can, at times, limit worthy science and learning opportunities. The office of the executive director has developed a special program that provides supplemental funding for fellow-initiated projects, called the Executive Director's Pathway grants. The following DCRI Fellows Program trainees are recipients of the 2019 grant:


Specialty: Cardiology

Project Title: Does Duration from First Diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation to Catheter Ablation Affect Post-Ablation Outcomes?


Specialty: Cardiology

Project Title: Comparison of different analytic approaches for cardiovascular endpoint analyses in randomized clinical trials


Specialty: Pediatric Surgery

Project Title: Perioperative Tissue Penetration of Antimicrobials in Infants

DCRI Fellow Adam NelsonADAM NELSON, MD

Specialty: Cardiology

Project Title: Validating the ACC/AHA Guideline definitions of ‘very high risk conditions’ for risk of future atherosclerotic cardiovascular events