How to Apply

How to Apply

For Duke Clinical Fellows

For fellows who are currently enrolled in a clinical training fellowship at Duke University Medical Center, the application deadline is March 1 each year for the upcoming academic year (starting July 1).

Applications must be jointly developed by the applicant and his or her primary research mentor ("category A" DCRI faculty) and should detail the funding arrangement, didactic training, and research plan for each fellow. The research mentor must approve the final application before submission.

Submit applications and accompanying documents (e.g., CV) via email by March 1 to:

All applications will be reviewed by the DCRI Fellowship Program directors. Applicants will be notified of application modification requests or final application approval by April 1.

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For Outside Applicants

There are no funded positions available in the DCRI Fellowship Program for outside applicants who are not currently enrolled in a clinical training fellowship at Duke University Medical Center.

However, further discussions can be held regarding opportunities for training in the DCRI Fellowship Program if an applicant can meet all of the following requirements:

  • The applicant has confirmed external funding to fully cover both salary and benefits.
  • The applicant is fluent in English (including an immersion experience of at least a few months in an English-speaking country, for those for whom English is not the first language).
  • The applicant has had prior experience in clinical research activities.
  • The applicant has a committed training or faculty position from the sponsoring institution following a potential research fellowship at the DCRI.

If all of these requirements are met, outside applicants who are interested in a DCRI research fellowship position should contact Janelle Burner for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Janelle Burner
DCRI Fellowship Program Coordinator
Phone: 919-668-8865 |Fax: 919-668-7072