ACC Advocates for Fair Compensation for Cardiologists

September 30, 2019 – The DCRI’s Pamela Douglas, MD, chaired the writing committee for a recently released ACC Health Policy Statement.

Cardiologists should be compensated fairly without regard for personal identity characters such as gender, race, and age, according to a Health Policy Statement recently released by the American College of Cardiology.

The DCRI’s Pamela Douglas, MD (pictured), chaired the writing committee that authored the statement. Douglas is well-known for her research in gender inequity within the field of cardiology and her work to mitigate these inequities. She serves as the chair of ACC’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative ( and recently created and co-chaired a professional development program specifically for female cardiologists pursuing clinical research.

The statement from the ACC outlines principles that advance equity in both pay and access to opportunity, including the strategic development of compensation plans. Many factors are key to the successful implementation of an equitable plan, such as leaders who recognize that inequity exists and educational programs to help all physicians learn how to negotiate for fair compensation.

The document delineates several beliefs of the organization. Takeaways on this topic include:

  • Compensation should be “equitable and fair for equivalent work.”
  • Compensation plans should “minimize unwarranted systemic differences based solely on subspecialty.”
  • Employers should “explicitly address and incorporate leave policies” that enable cardiologists to take vacation, family, and medical leaves without fear of penalty.

The statement also includes characteristics of good compensation plans, as well as examples that can be used as models.

To read more principles of fair compensation from the ACC, read its Health Policy Statement in its entirety.