DCRI Faculty Recognized on Global “Highly Cited” List

November 22, 2019 – Fifty-four researchers from Duke, including nine from the DCRI, were recognized for their high citation rates.

This year’s “Highly Cited Researchers” recognizes nine researchers from the DCRI as “researchers with broad community influence.”

The list, which is released annually by ISI-Web of Science, calculates how many times authors’ work appear in the citations of other papers. The list also enables a global comparison of academic institutions’ citation rates—Duke University, with 54 researchers recognized, is in a four-way tie for eighth most cited university.

The data to develop this metric is taken from 21 broad research fields defined by sets of journals. This year’s honorees from the DCRI, as well as the fields for which they were recognized, include:

  • Lesley Curtis, PhD – Cross-Field
  • Pamela Douglas, MD – Clinical Medicine
  • Christopher Granger, MD – Clinical Medicine
  • Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS – Clinical Medicine
  • Magnus Ohman, MBBS – Clinical Medicine
  • Manesh Patel, MD – Clinical Medicine
  • Michael Pencina, PhD – Social Sciences and Clinical Medicine
  • Eric Peterson, MD, MPH – Clinical Medicine
  • Bryce Reeve, PhD – Social Sciences

Several of those recognized have also made the list in previous years. Former DCRI faculty members Christopher O’Connor, MD, Robert Harrington, MD, and Robert Califf, MD, were also recognized in the field of clinical medicine.

Recent statistics compiled by the DCRI show that since 1996, the DCRI’s work has been cited in more than 760,000 scientific articles.

“I am proud to see our faculty being cited by our peers and colleagues,” said Lesley Curtis, PhD, the DCRI’s interim executive director. “By delivering on our mission to share knowledge, we are enabling other researchers to build upon our work to conduct further studies and make more discoveries.”