DCRI’s Kevin Schulman helps relaunch HMPI

May 11, 2017 – Schulman serves as a member of the journal’s editorial team.

The journal Health Management, Policy and Innovation (HMPI), which includes the DCRI’s Kevin Schulman, MD, as a member of its editorial team, relaunched today. The newly designed journal can be found at http://hmpi.org.

HMPI is sponsored by the Business School Alliance for Health Management, an international consortium of MBA programs with a health sector focus.

“We will draw from the research and experience of scholars and practicing leaders to provide relevant insights for public and private organizations in the international health sector,” writes journal editor Will Mitchell of the University of Toronto. “In achieving the goal of providing relevant insights for practicing managers, HMPI is central to BAHM’s mission of harnessing our collective energy, intellect, and resources to solve today’s healthcare problems and address opportunities to advance health care that are emerging around the world.”