DCRI Think Tank Meeting and Publication Archive

DCRI Think Tank Meeting and Publication Archive

Previous DCRI Think Tanks meetings with their associated publications are archived in 5-year increments. Click the links below to jump between sections.

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Methods and Approaches to Transform Clinical Trial Design, Planning, and Execution: January 29-30, 2020  |  Directors: Erich Huang, MD, PhD, and Marzyeh Ghassemi, PhD, MSc

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Innovative Approaches to Accelerating New Drug Evaluation for Chronic Cardiometabolic Diseases - Leveraging Intermediate Non-Clinical

Endpoints and Pragmatic Clinical Trials: October 2-3, 2019  |  Directors: John Alexander, MD, and Michael Lincoff, MD

Fast-tracking Research Results into Practice: Designing and Testing Effective Strategies for Implementing Evidence-Based Medicine: July 31-August 1, 2019  |  Directors: Tracy Wang, MD, and Amy Kilbourne PhD, MPH

Emerging Techniques for Monitoring and Analyzing Data from Pragmatic, Streamlined Trials: January 29 –30, 2019  |  Directors: Lesley Curtis, PhD, and Susan Ellenberg, PhD


Technology-Enabled Clinical Trials: Innovations in Trial Design & Conduct: October 3-4, 2018  |  Directors: Eric Peterson, MD, and Matthew Roe, MD

Enabling Patient-Reported Outcomes: July 25-26, 2018  |  Directors: Adrian Hernandez, MD, and Kevin Weinfurt, PhD

Cardiovascular Outcomes for Diabetes Drugs: January 31-February 1, 2018  |  Directors: Christopher Granger, MD, and John McMurray, MD


Heart Failure Preserved Ejection Fraction: June 7-8, 2017  |  Directors: Michael Felker, MD and Margaret Redfield, MD


Advancing Care and Clinical Trials through Digital Health: December 5-6, 2016  |  Directors: Eric Peterson, MD, MPH, Robert Harrington, MD, Mark McClellan, MD, PhD

Issues in Pediatric Cardiovascular Drug Development: September 8-9, 2016  |  Directors: Jennifer Li, MD and Prince Kannankeril, MD

Stroke Prevention for AFib: Closing the Gap: June 2-3, 2016  |  Directors: Bernard Gersh, MB, ChB and Christopher Granger, MD

Leveraging E.H.R. for Clinical Research Now!: February 18-19, 2016  |  Directors: Lesley Curtis, PhD, Adrian Hernandez, MD, Eric Peterson, MD, MPH


Data Monitoring Committee: June 4-5, 2015  |  Directors: David DeMets, PhD, Thomas Fleming, PhD, Matthew Roe, MD

Medication Adherence: Solutions and Policy Implications: January 14-15, 2015  |  Directors: Hayden Bosworth, PhD, Bradi Granger, PhD, Eric Peterson, MD

Medication Adherence discussions began in July 2009 with the first meeting in 2010 and the last in January 2015. All papers from the Medication Adherence Think Tank are listed below:

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Cardiovascular Drug Development: July 21-22, 2014  |  Director: Robert Califf, MD


Transforming Professional Medical Education: December 9-10, 2013  |  Directors: Robert Califf, Zubin Eapen, Eric Peterson and John Sundy

Resistant Hypertension: August 1-2, 2013  |  Directors: Robert Califf, Manesh Patel, John Sundy

Medication Adherence Alliance: February 25, 2013  |  Directors: Hayden Bosworth, PhD, Christopher Granger, MD, Bradi Granger, RN, MSN, PhD

    • Refer to Medication Adherence, January 2015 above for list of papers.

Cancer and Thrombosis: February 3-4, 2013  |  Directors: Gary Lyman and Robert Califf

Statin Intolerance: January 14-15, 2013  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD


Atrial Fibrillation: December 3-4, 2012  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, Christopher Granger, MD, Ajay Kakkar, MD


Rescuing Clinical Trials in the US and beyond: A Call for Action: October 5-6, 2011  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, Christopher Granger, MD, Robert Harrington, MD, Eric Peterson, MD

Disease-wide Consolidated Registries: A New Model for Capturing Rare Adverse Events in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases: June 9-10, 2011  |  Directors: Laura Schanberg, MD, Christy Sandborg, MD

Developing an Action Plan for Patient Radiation Safety in Adult Cardiovascular Medicine: A DCRI/ACC/AHA Think Tank

February 27-28, 2011  |  Director: Pamela Douglas, MD


The SCA Thought Leadership Alliance Think-Tank Meeting II: December 5-6, 2010  |  Directors: Sana Al-Khatib, Eric Peterson, Gillian Sanders

Medication Adherence: What Do We Need To Do To Get People To Take Their Medications?

October 28-29, 2010  |  Directors: Hayden Bosworth, Christopher Granger, Bradi Granger

Pharmacogenomics in CV Disease: Balancing Scientific Promise with Clinical Reality: August 2-3, 2010  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD and Christopher Granger, MD

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The SCA Thought Leadership Alliance Think-Tank Meeting: December 5-6, 2009  |  Directors: Sana Al-Khatib, Eric Peterson, Gillian Sanders, Clyde Yancy

Venous Thromboembolism in High-Risk Groups: Role of Surrogate Outcomes: May 26-27, 2009  |  Directors: John Eikelboom and Jack Hirsh

    • Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, August 2012

Race & Ethnicity in Cardiovascular Clinical Trials: Historical Disparities, Current Barriers and Future Opportunities: April 16-17, 2009  |  Directors: Daniel Mark, George Mensah, Linda Davidson-Ray


Implementation of Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease: November 20-21, 2008  |  Directors: Victor Dzau, James Willerson, Christopher Granger, Marc Jolicoeur

Globalization of CV Clinical Trials: August 29, 2008  |  Directors: Paul Armstrong, Frans Van de Werf and Robert Harrington

Standardized Reporting of Bleeding Complications for Clinical Investigations in ACS: April 17-18, 2008  |  Directors: Sunil Rao and John Eikelboom


Preventing Tomorrow’s Sudden Cardiac Death Today: Dissemination of Effective Therapies for SCD Prevention: December 12-13, 2007  |  Directors: Sana Al-Khatib and Gillian Sanders

Implementing Cardiovascular Imaging Quality

October 8-10, 2007  |  Directors: Pamela Douglas, Greg Hundley, Fred Masoud

Regulatory Review of Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk: Beyond HgbA1c?: June 13-15, 2007  |  Directors: Darren McGuire, Robert Califf, Rury Holman, MD

Improving Quality of Care for Women with Heart Disease: March 8-9, 2007  |  Directors: Pamela Douglas, M. Noel Bairey Merz, MD, Rita Redberg, MD

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Enterprise: State of the Union: January 11-12, 2007  |  Director: Robert Harrington, MD


Chronic Advanced Coronary Artery Disease: December 3-5, 2006  |  Directors: Magnus Ohman, MD, Christopher Granger, MD

Preventing Tomorrow's Sudden Cardiac Death Today: Part I: July 20-21, 2006  |  Co-Directors: Gillian Sanders PhD and Sana Al-Khatib, MD, MHS

Preventing Tomorrow's Sudden Cardiac Death Today: Part II

Dimensions of Cardiovascular Imaging Quality: January 30-February 1, 2006  |  Directors: Pamela Douglas, MD, Ami Iskandrian, MD, Harlan Krumholz, MD  |  In conjunction with American College of Cardiology

Bleeding and Transfusion in Cardiovascular Disease: January 15-17, 2006  |  Director: Robert Califf, MD


Antithrombotic Development for Atrial Fibrillation: July 25-27, 2005  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD and Christopher Granger, MD

Defining Risk in ACS: The Gateway to Enhancing Cardiovascular Care: June 2-4, 2005  |  Directors: Paul Armstrong, MD, Christopher Granger, MD

ICD Cost Effectiveness: March 21-22, 2005  |  Directors: Daniel Mark, MD, Gillian Sanders, MD

Clinical Events Endpoints Committees: Nuts and Bolts: January 20-22, 2005  |  Directors: Kenneth Mahaffey, MD, Bernie Chaitman, MD, Marc Pfeffer, MD, Robert Califf, MD

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Combination Pills in Cardiovascular Disease: Update and Future Ideas: October 7-9, 2004  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, George Bakris, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology in the New Millennium: A Workshop for Academia, Industry and Government: September 23-25, 2004  |  Directors: Joseph DeVeaugh-Geiss, MD, John March, MD, Barry Mangum, PharmD

ICD-CRT: August 23-24, 2004  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, Sana Al-Khatib, MD, Gillian Sanders, PhD

Post-Market Evaluation of Breakthrough Technology Summit on Issues and Approaches (Case Study on DES Thrombosis & Allergy): February 16-18, 2004  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, Mitch Krucoff, MD, Carl Pepine

Type 2 Diabetes, the Metabolic Syndrome and Adult Obesity: Evolving the Paradigms: January 29-31, 2004  |  Directors: Scott Grundy, MD, Darren McGuire, MD

Heart Failure Trial Endpoints: Where are we heading?: January 22-24, 2004  |  Directors: Christopher O’Connor, MD, Peter Carson, MD


Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease II: September 12-13, 2003  |  Directors: Christopher Granger, MD, Pascal Goldschmidt, MD, and Eric Topol, MD

Liability issues for data monitoring committee members: January 16-18, 2003  |  Directors: David DeMets, PhD, Thomas Fleming, PhD


Registration/approval/coverage/payment, Exploring Options for Improving Healthcare: December 8-9, 2002  |  Directors: Kevin Schulman, MD, Daniel Mark, MD, Daniel Mendelson

Challenges in Designing Trials of Drug-Eluting Stents: July 28-30, 2002  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Richard Kuntz, MD, James P. Zidar, MD

How to Develop Drug Combinations: July 19-21, 2002  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

Update on Key Issues in Phase III Cardiovascular Trial Design (Active Controls and Biomarker Surrogates): May 22-24, 2002  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, David DeMets, PhD, Thomas Fleming, PhD, Magnus Ohman, MD

Uncontrolled Systolic Hypertension: April 26-27, 2002  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Henry Black, MD

The Metabolic Syndrome of Cardiovascular Risk and Insulin Resistance: April 18-20, 2002  |  Directors: John Guyton, MD, Ralph A. DeFronzo, MD, Robert M. Califf, MD

"Back to our Future" How Government, Industry and Academia Can Work Together to Improve Pediatric Clinical Research: April 11-13, 2002  |  Directors: Stephen Sanders, MD, Jennifer Li, MD, Robert M. Califf, MD

Depression and Cardiovascular Disease: January 24-26, 2002  |  Directors: Christopher O’Connor, MD, Ranga Krishnan, MD, Alexander Glassman, MD, Robert M. Califf, MD


Challenges in Ethically Designing Trials of Therapy for Peripheral Vascular Disease: November 29-December 1, 2001  |  Directors: George J. Agich, PhD, Kenneth Ouriel, MD.

24–Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring: July 19–21, 2001  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Raymond Lipicky, MD

International Differences in Clinical Trials Conduct and Results: June 29 – 30, 2001  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

Practical Issues in the Non-ST Elevation ACS Guidelines: May 18-20, 2001  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Magnus Ohman, MD, FACC

Decompensated Heart Failure: Current Concepts and Future Directions: April 20-22, 2001  |  Directors: Mihai Gheorghiade, MD, Robert M. Califf, MD, Christopher M. O’Connor, MD

Reducing Costs of Phase III Clinical Trials: March 29-31, 2001, Washington, D.C.  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Eric L. Eisenstein, DBA

The Nexus of Cardiovascular and Renal Disease: February 23-25, 2001, Washington, DC  |  Directors: William F. Owen, Jr., MD, Robert M. Califf, MD, William F. Keane, MD

Changing Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarctions – Implications for Practicing Clinical Investigations: January 25-27, 2001, Washington, D.C.  |  Directors: Magnus Ohman, MD, FACC, Joseph S. Alpert, MD


Risk Stratification and Interventions to Attenuate Progressive Diabetic Nephropathy: November 3-5, 2000, Washington, DC  |  Directors: William F. Owen, Jr., MD, George L. Bakris, MD

Cardiac Repolarization: Current knowledge, critical gaps, and new approaches to drug development and patient management: August 9-11, 2000  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Dan M. Roden, MDCM

Institutional Review Boards & Data & Safety Monitoring Committees in the Monitoring of Clinical Trials: May 11-12, 2000  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Jeremy Sugarman, MD, Donald F. Fortin, MD

Cardiovascular Effects of Obesity & Obesity Treatment: March 24-26, 2000  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

Neuroprotection in Acute Cerebral Ischemia: February 25-27, 2000  |  Directors: S. Clifford Schold, MD, James Grotta, MD

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Pediatric Cardiovascular Trials: December 11-12, 1999  |  Directors: Stephen P. Sanders, MD, FACC, Robert M. Califf, MD

International Differences in Treatment Effect: August 26, 1999  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, Christopher Granger, MD Magnus Ohman, MD Robert Harrington, MD

Acute Coronary Syndromes Conference: August 6-8, 1999  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease Conference: April 9-10, 1999  |  Directors: Christopher Granger, MD, Robert Califf, MD, William E. Kraus, MD, Allen Roses, MD

Antithrombotic Therapy After Prosthetic Cardiac, Valve Implantation: January 8-9, 1999  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD


Data and Safety Monitoring: What are the rules?: October 8-10, 1998  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, David L. DeMets, PhD

Guidelines for Therapeutic Development in Heart Failure: September 8-10, 1998  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

Advanced Heart Disease: June 4-6, 1998  |  Directors: Robert Califf, MD, Mike Gheorghiade, MD, Barry Uretsky, MD


What Is The Impact of Treating Type II Diabetes on Risk of Coronary Events?: November 21-22, 1997  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

    • Paper – Introduction: Diabetes & Cardiovascular disease: Current Opinions & Future Directions - many papers in the Proceedings of a symposium: Am Heart J 1999; 138 (S327-S329 – Introduction; (S327-S416; 15 papers)

How Should We Design Phase II Trials in Cardiovascular Disease: October 2-5, 1997, Hilton Head, SC  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Kerry L. Lee, PhD

Economics and Cost-Effectiveness in Evaluating the Value of Cardiovascular Therapies: April 18-20, 1997, St. Petersburg, Florida  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Daniel B. Mark, MD, MPH


Markers of Hemostasis and Platelet Activity in Acute Coronary Syndromes: Role in Drug Development and Patient Monitoring: December 7-9, 1996, Pinehurst, NC  |  Director: Robert M. Califf, MD

Management of Patients with Advanced Heart Failure II: October 18-19, 1996  |  Directors: Mihai Gheorghiade, MD, Robert M. Califf, MD, Robert O. Bonow, MD


The Importance of Myocardial Necrosis: December 2-4, 1995  |  Directors: Robert M. Califf, MD, Eric Topol, MD, Rick Kuntz, MD

Management of Patients with End-Stage Heart Failure I: October 20-21, 1995, Orlando, Florida; October 18-19, 1996, Palm Beach, Florida  |  Robert Califf, MD, Robert Bonow, MD, Mihai Gheorghiade, MD

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