Laying a foundation for a national learning healthcare system

April 18, 2017 – A recent article discusses how PCORnet and ADAPTABLE could point the way toward new trend in health care.

The DCRI’s Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS, and Henry Cruz, a patient Adaptor from the ADAPTABLE Study, recently published an article in Circulation on the lessons of PCORnet and the need for a national learning healthcare system.

The two authors discuss the need for and benefits of a national learning health system and how PCORnet is conducting research with enhanced quality, speed, and efficiency in “real-world settings” to achieve such a system. The piece also mentions the ADAPTABLE study’s collaboration with ADAPTORS, a group of patient representatives who are shifting the role of patients in the research process from participant to partner, and how this collaboration creates an effective organizational vision that can be useful in addressing one of the nation’s most pressing public health problems: cardiovascular disease.

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