DCRI’s Neurosciences Medicine concludes an active spring

June 7, 2017 – DCRI faculty and staff presented their most recent research at several conferences over the past few months.

As DCRI’s Neurosciences Medicine therapeutic area grows, faculty and business development have prioritized developing a presence at top neurological and psychiatric meetings around the world. This spring, the DCRI exhibited at two such conferences to demonstrate excellence in thought leadership and research: the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) conference in Boston, Massachusetts, and the World Intracranial Hemorrhage Conference (WICH) in Baltimore, Maryland.

neurosciences-med-sponsor.pngAAN Conference

Jeffrey Guptill, MD, assistant professor of Neurology and associate director of the Early Phase Unit (DEPRU) and Aatif Husain, MD, professor of Neurology and Global Sleep and Epilepsy Trials lead at DCRI observed and contributed to scientific presentations at AAN and met with potential sponsors focused on early phase trials and the importance of EEGs in research. Danny Laskowitz, MD, director of Neurosciences Medicine, also represented the group at AAN and co-hosted the “AAN continues to be a crucial platform for DCRI Neurosciences to have visibility in our industry,” said Laskowitz. “It is the largest arena for us to showcase our latest research and the excellence in thought leadership we’ve assembled in Neurosciences Medicine.”

​Other attendees from the DCRI included Chief Operating Officer Baljit (Boo) Samra, Jennifer Hart, assistant director Business Development for Neurosciences Medicine, and members of the Grants and Proposal Services team: Andrew Miles, Jen Fitzpatrick, and Betsy Younce. The reception served as a “thank you” to current stroke and ADHD sponsors for their dedication and collaboration with DCRI’s Neurosciences Medicine. In addition to current booth.pngsponsors, potential sponsors attended as well, creating a great networking experience for all.​

World Intracranial Hemorrhage Conference

Following AAN, DCRI’s Neurosciences Medicine traveled to Baltimore in early May. WICH is the first conference of its kind—dedicated exclusively to acute hemorrhagic brain conditions. Due to DCRI’s work on a phase II study in intracranial hemorrhage (CATCH trial), it was essential for the coordinating center to have a presence and voice at this groundbreaking event.

Michael Luke James, MD, anesthesiologist and critical care specialist-neurologist, and Jen Hart presented, “A proof of concept study to evaluate the administration of CN-105 in participants with acute supratentorial intracerebral hemorrhage.” CN-105, after 20 years of research, culminated in a promising new therapeutic for a patient population with no current options. Laskowitz and James designed the trial, and the study presentation was a collaboration between DCRI Neurosciences Medicine and Duke’s Neurology and Anesthesiology departments​.