Specialized Technologies

Specialized Technologies

We offer access to a variety of core laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technologies to better understand disease and predict drug response.

ECG management

  • Real-time ECG collection, monitoring, and interpretation. We use Mortara® wireless 12-lead ECG digital telemetry, allowing for easy transfer of data.

Immune system effects

  • Examination of the subtle effects of medical interventions on the human immune system. This includes immunogenicity, immunocompetence, immune reconstitution, and immunotoxicity. Our partnering laboratory uses immunoassays that are robust and reproducible, highly sensitive and specific, and fully validated and standardized to support multicenter studies.

"Omics" equipment

  • Specialized “omics” equipment and expertise. The omics facilities we can access perform high-throughput assays and data analysis for genome sequencing, genotyping, gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics to study the effects of medical interventions on human physiology and disease states.

Product management

  • Receipt of cellular products (frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature). The Investigational Drug Services pharmacy at Duke prepares products for infusion according to suppliers’ specifications and creates appropriate infusion records.

Image management

  • State-of-the-art, highly secure image-management and digital archival systems and world-class consultative services. Our accessible imaging labs offer advanced nuclear imaging, echocardiography, and spectral domain OCT scanning technologies.

Data integration

  • Data integration. Our informatics capabilities include extensive experience integrating phenotypic and biological marker data.