Study Communications

Study Communications

In the world of modern health care, effective communication is more important than ever. With an unparalleled combination of academic, business, and clinical acumen, the DCRI Communications group can make your message shine.

Susan P. Landis
Head of Strategic Communications

“We are adept at transforming complex clinical information into easily understood messages."

Susan Landis


Our staff includes skilled writers, science editors, graphic and web designers, production specialists, and event planners. Among us, we have decades of communications experience in health care, clinical research, education and training, drug development, patient education and marketing, as well as in mass-media and scientific publications.

Working in teams to optimize expertise, we take concepts to completion with ease. We are adept at transforming complex clinical information into easily understood, eye-catching messages. Our group has helped thousands of healthcare professionals around the world present groundbreaking data, intricate treatment protocols, and cutting-edge ideas.

What We Can Do for You

  • Editorial services
  • Graphic design and media services (including videography and photography)
  • Content development for internal, external, and trial websites, portals, and social media outlets 
  • Study materials and patient content development to encourage trial recruitment and compliance
  • Production services for clinical trial materials and other print-based publications (newsletters, magazines, posters, etc.)
  • Web-based process improvement and data collection tools, including databases, surveys, applications, and forms
  • Journals management
  • Publications management
  • Events management

American Heart Journal

The American Heart Journal is the oldest peer-reviewed cardiology journal in the world, having been founded in 1925. It publishes articles on topics pertaining to the broad discipline of cardiovascular disease, and its goal is to provide the reader with information on clinical investigations, scholarly reviews and editorial opinions concerning the practice of cardiovascular medicine. As such, it is a vehicle for sharing knowledge that improves the care of patients around the world.

All aspects of the management of the American Heart Journal are done at the DCRI, from receiving new manuscripts to orchestrating the review process and notifying authors about decisions on their papers. Twenty-two of the 28 Associate Editors are located at Duke, 16 of them at the DCRI.