Publications Overview

Leading with science is at the core of every trial the DCRI designs and implements and every collaboration we undertake. Finding what’s next drives our work every day. We are recognized as having one of the most collaborative environments within the clinical research market--academic and commercial. Together, with our longstanding academic-government partnerships, sponsor collaborations, and investigator relationships, we ensure that evidence moves forward, facilitating change through the science that has a measurable impact on patients' lives.

DCRI Publications by the Numbers

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A History of Impact

Since 1996, the DCRI has disseminated more than 14,000 publications; our findings have been cited in more than 600,000 scientific articles.

Top Research Areas

In more than 1,200 publications, DCRI faculty and staff tackled research areas as diverse as pediatrics, hematology, and orthopedics, among others. These are the top research areas represented among the DCRI’s FY 2018 publications.

Top Collaborating Organizations

DCRI faculty and staff collaborated with co-authors from more than 1,700 research organizations around the word to produce more than 1,200 publications in FY 2018. The most frequent collaborating organizations are shown here.

Collaborating Author Countries

Partnering with co-authors from more than 70 countries gave the DCRI a truly global reach in FY 2018.

Top Publishing Journals

Demonstrating the scope of its research portfolio, in FY 2018 articles by DCRI faculty and staff were published in more than 400 different journals. The top journals include a host of top-tier journals across many disciplines, as seen here.

Top Sponsors

While the NIH was the single largest sponsor of FY 2018 publications, more than three-quarters of FY 2018 DCRI publications were supported by private industry or public-private consortia. That mix of sponsor support is apparent in the top sponsors shown here.