TEAM-HF Cost Effectiveness Model

TEAM-HF Cost Effectiveness Model

The TEAM-HF Cost Effectiveness Model is a user-friendly, web-based disease simulation model that allows users to specify characteristics of their patient cohort(s), study design, disease management program, unit costs and apply other options (e.g. discount rates, time horizons) relevant to conducting cost-effectiveness analyses in order to generate costs, survival and quality-adjusted survival estimates for a within-study period and a post-study period.

The estimates are combined (and discounted) to develop long-term estimates of costs, survival and quality-adjusted survival necessary to evaluate cost-effectiveness.

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About the Model

The model utilizes the Seattle Heart Failure Model (SHFM) as the primary means of generating estimates of projected survival based on sets of SHFM covariates representing patients in an intervention group and patients in a control group (or pre-post design). Use of a multivariable prognostic modeling approach allows for the evaluation of specific patient cohorts (defined by age, gender, disease severity) and the impact of changes in use of evidence-based therapies and devices as well as changes in clinical and laboratory characteristics (e.g. weight, cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, etc.), thereby providing a flexible tool that can be used to evaluate the effect(s) of various types of disease management programs..

The tool assigns rates of medical resource use, costs and health utilities (i.e. quality-of-life weights) as a function of increasing SHFM scores across time and simulated mode of death (i.e. sudden death vs. pump failure) based on analyses we conducted using data from clinical trials and observational cohorts . The tool allows users to specify numerous inputs including unit costs for medical resources, costs associated with a disease management program, discount rates and a time horizon.


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