TEAM-HF Costing Tool

TEAM-HF Costing Tool

The TEAM-HF Costing Tool is a user-friendly computerized spreadsheet program for use by researchers or health care managers to systematically generate cost estimates for economic evaluations and to inform budgetary decisions.

Potential uses include:

  • Budgeting
  • Reimbursement negotiations
  • Improving the efficiency of existing programs
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
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About the TEAM-HF Costing Tool

The TEAM-HF Costing Tool was designed as a Microsoft® 2010 Excel workbook.  Upon opening the tool, users should 'Enable Macros' to allow full functionality of VBA code.  The Macros were developed to assist users to navigate through the tool and reset inputs to their null values.

The tool guides users on data collection and cost assignment for associated personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, patient incentives, miscellaneous items, and start-up activities. We strongly encourage users to read through the User Manual and Tips for Completing the Tool upon initiating use of the costing tool.

Notice: The TEAM-HF Cost Effectiveness Model and its associated files are provided for educational purposes. It is provided as is, without representation or warranty by Duke University of any kind. Duke University shall not be liable for any damages of any kind with respect to any claim arising out of or in connection with the use of this tool. Prior to downloading any of the TEAM-HF files or tools, please familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use.

Customized Data Collection Forms

As an optional adjunct to the costing tool, we have developed an interactive questionnaire which applies a user's responses to generate customized data collection forms.  These forms mirror the information necessary to complete each of the worksheets in the TEAM-HF Costing Tool.

User Manual

The User Manual is provided as a printable PDF document or it can be viewed online.  Users are strongly encouraged to read through this document upon initial use of the costing tool.  It provides valuable information about terminology used and provides descriptions of the costing options integrated into the tool.

Examples and Recommendations

We have developed a document to provide guidance on the completion of specific components of the TEAM-HF Costing Tool for several scenarios.