Julius Wilder receives Clinical, Translational, and Outcomes Research Award from AASLD

July 11, 2018 -The award is presented to young researchers studying liver disease.

The DCRI’s Julius Wilder, MD, PhD, has received a Clinical, Translational, and Outcomes Research Award from the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD).

The award, which totals $200,000 over two years, is intended to foster career development for individuals performing clinical, translational, or outcomes research in a liver-related area and who have shown commitment to excellence at an early stage of their research study.

Wilder’s award will fund a project to contextualize why poor people, people of color, and people whose native language is not English are at a disadvantage for being listed for liver transplantation. The data generated by Wilder’s study will result in the creation of a intervention project to help patients with end stage liver disease circumnavigate perceived barriers to listing for transplantation.

“Once an individual has end stage liver disease, transplantation is their best option,” Wilder said. “Many lives are lost every year because individuals were unable to gain access to this precious resource. This award will allow me to identify barriers and create solutions for people with end stage liver disease who require a liver transplantation.”

Wilder earned his MD and PhD at Duke and was a DCRI Fellow. He has been a DCRI faculty member since 2016.