The DCRI’s participation in key conferences for our various therapeutic areas is core to our mission of sharing knowledge and collaborating for better health outcomes.

A selection of upcoming and past events featuring our thought leadership, as well as affiliate events, are below. We hope you will join us.

2024 Scientific Conferences and Meetings

DCRI booth at conference

The DCRI showcases our thought leadership and services at scientific conferences and meetings throughout the year. Click the links below to learn more about the conferences our faculty and operations leaders will participate in throughout the year.

  • ISC: International Stroke Conference | Phoenix, AZ | Feb. 7-9
  • DTx West: Digital Therapeutics West | W Hollywood, CA | Feb. 21-23
  • AMIA: AMIA Informatics Summit | Boston, MA | March 18-21
  • ASCPT: American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics | Colorado Springs, CO | March 27-29
  • ACC: American College of Cardiology | Atlanta, GA | April 6-8
  • ISHLT: International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation | Prague, Czech Republic | April 10-13
  • AAN: American Academy of Neurology | Denver, CO | April 13-18
  • PAS: Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting | Toronto, ON | May 2-6
  • ISPOR: International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research | Atlanta, GA | May 5-8
  • HFA/Heart Failure: ESC Heart Failure Association | Lisbon, Portugal | May 11-14
  • HRS: Heart Rhythm Society | Boston, MA | May 16-19
  • ATS: American Thoracic Society| San Diego, CA | May 17-22
  • DDW: Digestive Diseases Week | Washington, DC | May 18-21
  • BIO: BIO International Convention | San Diego, CA | June 3-6
  • EASL/ Int'l Liver Conference: European Association for the Study of the Liver | Milan, Italy | June 5-8
  • HiD: Heart in Diabetes | Philadelphia, PA | June 7-9
  • ASM Microbe: American Society for Microbiology/World Microbe Forum | Atlanta, GA | June 13-17
  • DIA: Drug Information Association | San Diego, CA | June 16-20
  • ADA: American Diabetes Association | Orlando, FL | June 21-24
  • ARM: AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting | Baltimore, MD | June 29-July 2
  • AAIC: Alzheimer's Association International Conference | Philadelphia, PA | July 28-Aug. 1
  • ESC: European Society for Cardiology | London, UK | Aug. 30-Sept. 2
  • EASD: European Association for the Study of Diabetes | Madrid, Spain | Sept. 9-13
  • HDP: Health Datapalooza | Washington, DC | September 16-17
  • HFSA: Heart Failure Society of America | Atlanta, GA | Sept. 27-30
  • SCDM: Society for Clinical Data Management | Boston, MA | Sept. 29-Oct. 2
  • CHEST: American College of Chest Physicians | Boston, MA | Oct. 6-9
  • NCS: Neurocritical Care Society | San Diego, CA | Oct. 14-18
  • IDWeek: Infectious Disease Society of America | Los Angeles, CA | Oct. 16-20
  • ASN/Kidney Week: American Society for Nephrology | San Diego, CA | Oct. 23-27
  • CCC: Canadian Cardiovascular Congress | Vancouver, BC | Oct. 24-27
  • TCT: Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics | Washington, DC | Oct. 27-30
  • AMIA: American Medical Informatics Association | San Francisco, CA | Nov. 9-13
  • AASLD/The Liver Meeting: American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases | San Diego, CA | November 15-19
  • AHA: American Heart Association | Chicago, IL | Nov. 16-18

DCRI Research Forum

DCRI Research Forum is a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and educators to share ideas, innovations, and best practices with those who are instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes.

Our Vision:

  1. To share research findings with people who can apply them to improve patient care and outcomes
  2. To share lessons learned and best practices for clinical research so we can all do it better 
Attend a Research Forum

Sessions are held virtually, on Tuesdays from 12 p.m.-1 p.m.

Research Forum Archives

DCRI Research Forum is a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and educators to share ideas, innovations, and best practices with those who are instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes. 

  • September 23, 2021: COVID-19 in Schools: Insights from the ABC Collaborative featuring Kanecia Zimmerman, MD: Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke School of Medicine, and DCRI Faculty
  • October 26, 2021Direct-to-Family Research: Lessons Learned from the iPERSONAL Trial, featuring Stephen Balevic, MD: Associate Director of Small Trials, DCRI
  • February 1, 2022: What Makes ‘Systemic Racism’ Systemic? Implications for Doctors and the Medical System, featuring Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, PhD: Professor of Sociology, Duke University
  • March 1, 2022: Championing Equality On and Off the Court featuring Nina E. King, Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics, and Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at the Fuqua School of Business
  • March 8, 2022: Medical Education: Urgencies for Our Country featuring Sanjay V. Desai, MD, Chief Academic Officer, American Medical Association
  • April 5, 2022: Using Smartphones to Support Clinical Care and Research featuring Will Dixon, PhD, Professor, Centre for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis, The University of Manchester
  • May 24, 2022: Race in Medicine: Data or Distraction? featuring Andrea Deyrup, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Pathology, Duke University; and Joesph Graves, PhD, Professor, Department of Biology, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

DCRI Research Forum is a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and educators to share ideas, innovations, and best practices with those who are instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes. 

February 9, 2021: Evolving Role of Cardiologists Treating Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Embracing the Evidence-Based Therapies


  • Darren K. McGuire, MD, MHSc, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

February 18, 2021: Reflections on Race and Medicine During the Year of COVID-19 and Beyond


  • Damon Tweedy, MD, Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Duke University School of Medicine

March 2, 2021: IMPROVE Stroke Care


  • Lisa Monk, MSN, RN, CPHQ, Clinical Research Associate, DCRI Outcomes

April 13, 2021: MedRxiv:  Update on the Next New Thing in Clinical Research Scientific Communication


  • Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM, Harold H. Hines, Jr. Professor of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, Director, Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Yale New Haven Hospital

April 27, 2021: Therapeutic Choice in Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE): Future for Patients and Providers


  • David Leiman, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Gastroenterology, Director of Esophageal Research and Quality, Duke University Medical Center

May 25, 2021: Determining Best Practices for Providing Lay Summaries to Pediatric Study Participants and Their Caregivers


  • Kanecia Zimmerman, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
  • Amy Corneli, PhD, Associate Professor in Population Health Sciences
  • Meagan Daly, Clinical Research Communications Specialist III

June 2, 2021: Virtual Fireside Chat with R. Sanders Williams, MD and DCRI Director, Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS


  • R. Sanders "Sandy" Williams, MD, Vice President for Research and Innovation (Interim), Duke University

June 29, 2021: AAPI and Immigrant Community Focus: A reflection of inclusion and diversity in the workforce


  • Joy Bhosai, MD MPH: Duke Faculty
  • Kurt Merriweather: VP Products and Innovation, The Diversity Movement
  • Tai Renwei Chung, MBA, Esq: ZS-Medullan Head of Partnerships
  • Matt Loper: CEO of Wellth

DCRI Research Forum is a platform for thought leaders, visionaries, and educators to share ideas, innovations, and best practices with those who are instrumental in improving patient care and outcomes.

January 14, 2020: “Advancing Knowledge on EHR-enabled Clinical Trials - Lessons Learned from the ADAPTABLE Trial”


  • Matthew Roe, MD, Professor of Medicine, Duke University, and Faculty Member, Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • Holly Robertson, PhD, PMP, Project Leader, Duke Clinical Research Institute

January 21, 2020


  • Jeroen J. Bax, FESC, Professor of Cardiology, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands, Immediate Past President, European Society of Cardiology (ESC)

January 28, 2020: “Tissue Engineering Human Blood Vessels for Cardiovascular Repair and Regenerative Medicine”


  • Jeffrey Lawson, MD, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Humacyte’s, and Adjunct Professor of Surgery, Duke University

February 11, 2020: “Changing The Medical Device Evaluation Landscape Through SAFE RAPID SPEED Pathways”


  • Mitchell Krucoff, MD, Professor of Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine
  • James E. Tcheng, MD, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Family Medicine (Informatics), Duke University School of Medicine

February 25, 2020: “Digital Health - Opportunities for Research and Faculty”


  • Scott H. Kollins, PhD, MS, Director, Duke ADHD Program, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Satasuk “Joy” Bhosai, MD, MPH, DCRI Chief of Digital Health and Strategy, Associate Director, Duke Global Health Innovation Center, Department of Medicine, , Duke Global Health Institute

September 8, 2020Executive Director’s First 100 Days & Future Moving Forward for the DCRI


  • Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS, Executive Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute

October 13, 2020Clinical Research and Practice: A View from Tech, Academia and Government Experiences


  • Robert Califf, MD, MACC, Head of Clinical Policy and Strategy for Verily and Google Health

November 13, 2020: "Advancing Health Policy and Clinical Research:  Current and Potential DCRI/Duke-Margolis Initiatives"


  • Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, Director and Robert J. Margolis Professor of Business, Medicine, and Police, Margolis Center for Health Policy

December 22, 2020: "Pharmacometric Modeling Based Dosing Recommendations in Pediatric and Special Populations"


  • Christoph Hornik, MD, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, and Director, DCRI Small Trials/ Pharmacometrics Group

DCRI Think Tanks

DCRI Think Tanks address the most critical gaps in clinical research by convening leaders across the healthcare industry to map the way forward in designing, conducting, and implementing high-quality, evidence-based research.

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