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DCRI Shares Innovative Research, Thought Leadership at ACC.19

DCRI faculty, fellows, and operational leaders will showcase our thought leadership and seek out new opportunities for collaboration during the 68th annual American College of Cardiology Scientific Session and Expo, occurring March 16-18 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Join our experts as they discuss and debate late-breaking science, pragmatic clinical trials, patient partnerships, and more.

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Precision Imaging for Precision care

DCRI Precision Imaging is at the forefront of imaging clinical research, authoring national standards for clinical care and research.


A Commitment to Patient Engagement

DCRI believes patient partners should be involved in every stage of the research process.


AGA recognizes Leiman as a future leader

DCRI gastroenterologist David Leiman, MD, MSHP will be a member of the third class of the Future Leaders Program, the flagship leadership development program offered by the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA). Leiman will participate in the 18-month leadership program as he continues his research into esophageal diseases, swallowing disorders, and gastrointestinal cancer prevention.

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