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Transforming Obesity Research at Duke University

Understanding and solving the complexities of obesity is one of the most pressing challenges facing the health of our generation.  Tackling this problem head-on will require patients, community members, clinicians, and researchers across the translational spectrum.  Join your peers at the new DCRI 200 Morris Building on Friday, June 21 for an interactive and participatory colloquium that will foster new collaborations, bolster opportunities for meaningful research, and transform our approach to obesity research at Duke. Lesley Curtis, PhD, and Joseph Rogers, MD, are the featured keynote speakers.


A Pragmatic Approach to Respiratory Research

Respiratory research at the DCRI is distinguished by world-class faculty leading cutting-edge programs in airway biology, environmental-health sciences, and lung fibrosis.


Quantifying the Patient Voice: PrefER

As part of the DCRI's continuing commitment to patient-centered, evidence-based medicine, researchers in the PrefER group are translating patients' concerns and preferences into quantitative scientific evidence.


GI Research that Spans the Disease Spectrum

Clinical-translational and basic science experts come together to seek out bold and creative innovations in the treatment of Gastroenterology conditions.

Advancing Female Cardiologists’ Research Careers

Cardiologist Pamela Douglas, MD, discusses a new professional development program offered by the American College of Cardiology, which is geared toward women conducting clinical research. She will serve as a co-chair for the program along with fellow DCRI cardiologist Tracy Wang, MD, MHS, MSc.

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