DCRI’s world-renowned faculty provide scientific leadership across multiple therapeutic areas. We are dedicated to advancing clinical research through innovation, designing scientifically rigorous studies, sharing knowledge, and education.

Our faculty leaders are some of the world's foremost authorities on the science, study, and application of clinical research, making them uniquely positioned to understand the operational, financial, and regulatory implications of numerous project designs, to the great benefit of our clients.

Building on more than 40 years of experience in innovative approaches to analyze the impact of various therapies on patient outcomes, the DCRI offers full clinical trial services as well as substantial resources dedicated to outcomes research and assessments, clinical database design and management, and medical education.

DCRI faculty share why they became doctors, and how their commitment to patient care dovetails with their research.
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External Relationships

Conflict of interest and external relationship disclosure statements for DCRI- and DTMI-affiliated faculty members are available on the Scholars@Duke website. To view disclosures, search for the name of the faculty member you wish to view. Click on their page, scroll down to Research, and then External Relationships.