Physicians, Researchers, and Operational Experts

Seeing things from different perspectives, and agreeing on the right way forward. Building new ideas individually, and making them work collaboratively. Finding data for a diversity of challenges, and sharing them to accelerate new solutions. This is the work of everyone at the DCRI — a team of renowned faculty leaders, researchers, and experienced operational experts coming together to follow a singular pursuit: improving outcomes for patients around the world through innovative clinical research.

Senior Management Team

Executive Director, Duke Clinical Research Institute
Deputy Executive Director, DCRI
Kiser-Arena Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics; Executive Director, i-Cubed, DCRI Center for Clinical Research Innovation
Leader, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Therapeutic Area Lead, Cardiovascular Research, DCRI
Director, Human Resources
Therapeutic Area Lead, Population Health Sciences Research, DCRI
Head, Research Operations
Head, Strategic Planning & Development and Corporate Communications

Operations Management Team

Director, Strategic Engagement
Leader, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Director of Operations, Health Services Research
Director of Industry Trials
Senior Director, Technology & Data Solutions
Director, Human Resources
Associate Director, Operational Excellence
Director, Academic Affairs
Director, Grants and Proposals Service
Director, Government Trials and Networks
Head, Research Operations
Director, Quality Assurance
Director, Statistical Operations
Director, Research Communications & Engagement
Director of Operations, Clinical Events Classification-Safety Surveillance