Training Others

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Training Programs

The DCRI, as part of Duke University, considers education to be critical in improving the practice of medicine and, therefore, patient care.

DCRI faculty are actively involved with both formal and informal educational programs at Duke University Medical Center and are proud to help inspire the next generation of clinical researchers.


Unique Educational Offerings

DCRI Education Services

DCRI Education Services is designed to distill complex research and medical information into formats useful to physicians, scientists, and healthcare workers.

Clinical Research Student Program

The goal of the Clinical Research Student Program is to provide third-year medical students with structured training in clinical research and the tools necessary to begin a successful career in academic medicine.

Duke's STAR Program

Duke's STAR Program (formerly NCC Summer Research Experience Program) provides a high-quality research experience for undergraduate students, high school students, and high-school teachers during the summer academic break.

Lessons from a Horse Named Jim

In 2001, the DCRI published its first training manual, Lessons from a Horse Named Jim. This book, which won an Honorable Mention Award in 2002 from the American Medical Writers Association, is “ extremely readable, entertaining, and user-friendly manual of clinical trials.” The second edition was published in 2010.

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Duke Academic Training Programs

Additional programs at Duke that provide academic training in the quantitative and methodological principles of clinical research include: