DCRI Pilots ‘Food is Medicine: Makin’ Healthy Groceries’ Study in New Orleans

Pilot study will evaluate how grocery store vouchers and stipends encourage healthy eating.

Healthy food is critical to good health, but accessing and preparing nutritious food often feels complicated. A new pilot study in New Orleans funded by the American Heart Association’s Health Care by Food TM initiative will test out new approaches.

The “Food Is Medicine: Makin’ Healthy Groceries” study will be led by Adrian Hernandez, MD, MHS, vice dean and executive director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), whose team will examine how grocery vouchers and educational material about healthy choices might impact the food choices of adult patients with clinically documented high blood pressure living in the Greater New Orleans area of Louisiana.

“Makin’ groceries” is an old-time New Orleans expression for food shopping rooted in the French phrase “faire son marché.” The study will identify 100 people through their healthcare systems and invite them to participate by receiving $100 monthly vouchers to either Rouses, a regional grocery store chain, or Instacart, an online grocery pick-up and delivery service.

In addition to providing the 100 participants with vouchers for food, the study will also provide participants with educational information about grocery store choices, food preparation, and other tips for healthy eating. People who sign up for this study will participate in monthly surveys about their food choices so that the research team can examine any changes.

“These and other food is medicine research efforts supported by the Association’s Health Care by Food™ initiative hold the promise to improve health outcomes for millions of patients living with or at risk for cardiovascular disease and other serious chronic health conditions,” said Mitchell S.V. Elkind, MD, MS, chief clinical science officer of the American Heart Association, a member of the writing group of the Association’s Presidential Advisory on food is medicine and a tenured professor of neurology and epidemiology at Columbia University.

Adrian Hernandez

“We know that healthy food is an important way to promote heart health and prevent heart attacks and strokes, but for too many communities, it’s easier said than done,” Hernandez said. “This research team wants to partner with participants to develop a better understanding of how best to support people to make healthier food choices.”

By offering education on healthy food choices and a monthly voucher for in-person and online grocery shopping, this study could potentially enhance disease management, promote a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately improve participants' overall quality of life by emphasizing healthier living.

Neha Pagidipati, M.D.

“We plan to use what we learn in this pilot study to help us to plan future clinical outcome assessments that offer comprehensive approaches to chronic disease management,” said Neha Pagidipati, MD, MPH, an Associate Professor of Medicine, and cardiovascular disease prevention specialist. “It’s crucial for doctors like me to think more broadly beyond what medications I prescribe in my office. Studies like these provide the evidence base to think about patients’ real-world circumstances.”

This study is funded by the American Heart Association through its Health Care by Food™ initiative, which last month announced grants to 19 research projects nationwide to identify effective food is medicine approaches for incorporating healthy food into health care delivery for the treatment, management and prevention of chronic disease. The study is operated through the Duke Clinical Research Institute and the Louisiana Public Health Institute. The study uses PCORnet® infrastructure.

Learn more about the Health Care By Food TM Initiative at: https://healthcarexfood.org/

ClinicalTrials.gov identifier: NCT06214806

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