Evidence from DCRI Study Supports Effectiveness of Digital Treatment for ADHD

The study found that a video game-based treatment was effective both for children receiving ADHD medication along with the digital therapeutic and for children receiving only the digital therapeutic.

Evidence from a recently completed DCRI-led clinical trial supports the hypothesis that an investigational digital therapeutic may be an effective treatment for children with ADHD.

Daniel Laskowitz

Akili, the creator of the video game-based treatment called AKL-T01, announced yesterday results from the trial. The study, led by the DCRI’s Daniel Laskowitz, MD, (pictured left) with faculty support and expertise from the DCRI’s Scott Kollins, PhD, (pictured right) included 206 participants between the ages of 8 and 14 with a diagnosis of ADHD. Participants were assessed using the ADHD Impairment Rating Scale three times: at study launch before using AKL-T01, after using AKL-T01 for one month, and after using AKL-T01 for three months. Rates on the scale increased at the one-month mark, and additional increases were observed at the study’s end, suggesting that longer use of the therapy leads to further improvement.

Scott Kollins

The DCRI also led a prior study examining the efficacy of AKL-T01, but the most recent study was the first to study the effects of the treatment in both patients receiving a combination of AKL-T01 and ADHD medications and in patients receiving only AKL-T01. Both groups experienced similar improvements.

Akili is currently seeking FDA clearance for AKL-T01.

“As someone who has studied ADHD for my entire career, I am excited to see clinical evidence that supports the effectiveness of a novel treatment option for children with ADHD,” Kollins said. “Although there are already products on the market that claim to increase attention, AKL-T01 is the only product of its kind that has undergone the rigorous testing of a clinical trial. The results from our study provide clear evidence that users of AKL-T01 will actually benefit.”