Cardiovascular Fellowship

The Duke Clinical Research Institute Cardiovascular Research Fellowship has a long track history of providing rigorous clinical research training in cardiovascular disease.

The DCRI cardiovascular faculty is composed of numerous thought leaders in cardiovascular clinical trials, outcomes, and translational research who serve as research mentors for the cardiovascular research fellows.

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  • Cardiovascular research fellows from both the Duke Cardiology Fellowship program and from outside institutions spend 2 years in the Cardiovascular Research Fellowship to comprehensively develop their clinical research skills and background.
  • Cardiovascular research fellows are key participants in numerous research project teams, including those managing phase I–III randomized clinical trials and prospective national registries for various cardiovascular diseases. Fellows work under the tutelage of a DCRI faculty member on each project team to develop expertise in clinical research operations.
  • Each cardiovascular research fellow has a primary research mentor from the DCRI cardiovascular faculty who helps to design their research portfolio, which usually includes working on at least one clinical trial and registry project team and a number of other individualized projects, such as secondary analyses of databases housed at the DCRI. 
  • Cardiovascular research fellows have unparalleled access to large clinical trial, registry, and local cardiovascular databases to perform secondary analyses that support both abstract presentations and first-authored manuscripts.
  • All cardiovascular research fellows are encouraged and supported to obtain didactic training in clinical research methodology, biostatistics, and decision analyses through master’s degree programs at the Duke University School of Medicine or at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health.
  • Each cardiovascular research fellow is provided with the support and direction needed for the submission of grants to support unfunded research and his or her future career progression.
  • Cardiovascular research fellows at the DCRI have unprecedented opportunities for participation in major cardiovascular scientific meetings, networking with national and global cardiovascular thought leaders, and participation in web-based educational programs and seminars.

The DCRI Cardiovascular Research Fellowship provides unique, rigorous, and comprehensive training for the next generation of cardiovascular clinical investigators. Details about the annual productivity of the DCRI cardiovascular research fellows are provided in the annual academic summary archived on this website. Information about funding opportunities can be obtained through the contact information below.

Contact Information

Sana Al-Khatib, MD, MHS
Professor of Medicine
Director of the Fellowship Program
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Phone: (919) 668-8649